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On 29 June, European rail industry leaders met in Lyon, France to sign a memorandum of understanding with the European Union body Europe’s Rail to launch a new study into the development of a sprawling high-speed rail network across the continent.

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1.9 MB21 July 2022

In spring 2020, the world was hit by both the COVID-19 pandemic and an unprecedented wave of economic disruption. All sectors of the economy were affected, but none more so than the aviation industry.

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Investors divest from Wizz Air over its poor performance on labour rights

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The ETF is supporting its aviation members across Europe in industrial action during the summer and expects the situation to get much worse.

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Suppliers to start delivering sustainable fuel from 2025, reaching 85% of all aviation fuel in EU airports by 2050; electricity and hydrogen should be part of new fuel mix; create a Sustainable Aviation Fund to encourage investment in cleaner technologies.

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Prestwick Airport is set to be hit by strike action in the coming weeks as workers are to be balloted in a row over pay, the UK’s leading aviation trade union, Unite, confirmed today (Wednesday 6 July).

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Scandinavian Airlines pilots have gone on strike after pay negotiations failed.

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The power dynamic between unions and airports and airlines has shifted in favor of labor and they’re acting.

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The ‘key’ workers ofthe pandemic need sustained recognition. The chaos at airports shows what happens otherwise.

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This summer aviation is in serious industrial problems, and that is a certainty by now. The ETF is supporting all industrial action of its aviation members this summer and expects there to be much more disruption and industrial action as the summer develops.

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First flight to Rwanda grounded after lawyers make successful emergency application

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As Jo scanned the floor of Frankfurt airport’s departure hall for the most comfortable place to spend the night last month, she felt the impact of the chaos gripping the aviation industry on a personal level.

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We regret to inform passengers of flight delays. For the next 18 months. That is the forecast, from the boss of London’s Heathrow airport, John Holland-Kaye, of how long it will take to recalibrate supply and demand for air travel.

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Ryanair has said it does not expect widespread disruption this summer, following a threat of industrial action by some staff in Spain.

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Black Wednesday for those traveling by plane. There is also the "lack of water and meals for the crew" among the claims that prompted Ryanair pilots and flight attendants to cross their arms and kick off in the "hot" summer of low cost airlines. Today, Wednesday 8 June, the giant's strike starts Irish low-cost flights together with Malta Air, and the CrewLink company that always gravitate in the orbit of Ryanair. But EasyJet and Volotea also stop at the same time. One was called for all companies 4-hour national strike, from 10 to 14.

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