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25 May 2023

VIRAL Project Final Conference, 8 June 2023

Join us online, live, for the concluding conference of the VIRAL project. Hosted at the prestigious European Economic and Social Committee, this event will bring together project partners, policymakers and social partners from the EU to discuss how best to relaunch the sector, leveraging

31 July 2023

Global Workplace Law & Policy

On 25 January 2023, the European Commission published its proposal for strengthening social dialogue. In this post, we argue that EU aviation is a pivotal sector in which social dialogue must not only be utilised, but also flourish. Our argument draws from the way in which this sector has lurched from crisis to crisis in the 21st century’s fledgling years. Consider that in the 21st century alone, aviation has faced several crises: the attacks on the United States

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Varieties of Indutrial Relations in Aviation Lockdown


This project aims to improve the expertise and knowledge of industrial relations through activities of analysis and research in a crucial European business, particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the air transport sector and its value chain. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on air transport sector has been very telling, affecting low cost and legacy airlines equally. During the Covid-19 crisis, airlines have seen their capacity reduced by between 95 to 98 percent, and therefore thousands of employees along the air transport value chain have been laid off or put on short time working.

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To identify measures to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on the air transport sector, government programmes directly targeting airlines and airports in the countries covered by the project will be identified, as well as cross-sectoral programmes from which these entities could benefit. The scope and type of support will be explored taking account of possible differences in reactions between traditional and low-cost airlines. A vital consideration for VIRAL project involves mapping job market and employment practice changes in the European air transport value chain as a thew consequence of the lockdown and plans to re-invigorate the industry in the coming years.

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Within the VIRAL project will be analyzed the economic situation of the air transport sector and its value chain in Europe with the aim to map and provide a background for the diagnosis of economic problems faced by the sector during the Covid-19 crisis. Furthermore, the analysis of industrial relations in the air transport sector in Europe and project partner countries pre-Covid-19 will be also focused to identify the contribution of industrial relations (if any) to the recovery and restructuring of the air transport sector in the framework of European social and environmentally sustainable goals (after Covid) and to check the role of the public actor in supporting the recovery and reorganisation of the sector.


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