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Ryanair has called for Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan to resign unless he can put an end to persistent closures at Dublin Airport due to interference from drones. The airport suspended all flights for half an hour on Thursday evening for the sixth time in the past six weeks due to drone activity.

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1.58 MB7 March 2023

Using advanced big data analytics, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) forecasts that air passenger demand in 2023 will rapidly recover to pre-pandemic levels on most routes by the first quarter and that growth of around 3% on 2019 figures will be achieved by year end.

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The exclusive negotiation between the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef) and the German aviation group Lufthansa, for the privatization of the national air carrier ITA Airways, is now in full swing and will proceed at a rapid pace.

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Important details emerge on the Lufthansa Group's proposed purchase of a stake in the national air carrier ITA Airways

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There are positive news on the employee salary issue of the national air carrier ITA Airways. Less than 48 hours after the meeting between seven trade unions and the airline's management, the favorable opinion of the Lufthansa Group has arrived

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Ferrovie dello Stato si allea con il gruppo Lufthansa e Ita Airways per l’intermodalità aereo-treno. Le tre società hanno siglato due memorandum d’intesa separati (uno tra il colosso europeo dei cieli e Fs, l’altro tra Ita ed Fs) per lavorare a una collaborazione commerciale

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Ryanair today (Tue, 31 Jan) confirmed that its Malta Air subsidiary has signed long-term Collective Labour Agreements with Dansk Metal, the most representative union for both pilots and cabin crew in Denmark, on behalf of its Billund-based pilots and cabin crew

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809.64 KB2 February 2023

Travellers entering the UK on 1 February could face long queues at airports and seaports as Border Force workers go on strike. Train drivers across the country will also be taking part in widespread industrial action on Wednesday which could bring rail services to a standstill.

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4.37 MB1 February 2023

Airline Flybe has cancelled all flights to and from the UK after going into administration. A statement on the airline's website said it had "ceased trading" and told any passengers expecting to travel with it not to go to the airport.

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The government has not learned the lessons from the original collapse of Flybe. It has failed to introduce the Airline Insolvency Bill, which would have allowed Flybe to continue to operate, avoided passengers being stranded and staff losing their jobs in the middle of the night.

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741.73 KB1 February 2023

As we move into the second month of the year, dust is beginning to settle on the rush of early predictions for the fortunes of the airline industry in 2023.

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3.42 MB1 February 2023

Roma 18 gennaio - "Prendiamo atto della presentazione dell’offerta da parte di Lufthansa". Ad affermarlo il segretario nazionale della Filt Cgil Fabrizio Cuscito, aggiungendo che "è molto importante che il Governo abbia individuato un partner industriale per Ita Airways".

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939.73 KB24 January 2023

A en croire de nombreuses compagnies aériennes, " l’avion vert " arriverait bientôt. Mais derrière ce "marketing écolo", se cachent des technologies peu au point et polluantes, une volonté de doubler le trafic aérien d'ici 2050 et un refus catégorique de toute idée de "décroissance".

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1.67 MB24 January 2023

a mossa di AeroItalia che copia quella di Volotea non deve stupire ma deve far riflettere un po' tutti". Con queste parole il segretario generale della Filt Cgil Sardegna, Arnaldo Boeddu...

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741.4 KB9 January 2023

As we turn the page to the brand new year of 2023, we take a look back at some of the biggest aviation stories from the China region that took place in 2022.

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