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On 25 January 2023, the European Commission published its proposal for strengthening social dialogue. In this post, we argue that EU aviation is a pivotal sector in which social dialogue must not only be utilised, but also flourish.

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Il Tribunale Ue dà ragione a Ryanair: le norme italiane che impongono a un operatore straniero, di fatto maggioritario nel settore, di rispettare le condizioni salariali fissate nei contratti collettivi nazionali sono incompatibili con il diritto dell’Ue.

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Companies named and shamed today for violating workers’ rights in Europe have received more than a billion Euro in EU funding. The Global Rights Index published by the International Trade Union Confederation lists 15 companies who they have found to have flouted labour law or ignored workers’ and trade union rights over the last year.

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Heathrow security staff to strike on almost every weekend this summer More than 2,000 workers at London hub will strike for 31 days from June to August in row over pay Business live – latest updates Gwyn Topham Transport correspondent @GwynTopham Wed 7 Jun 2023 11.44 BST Security staff at Heathrow airport will strike for 31 days this summer after the Unite union announced fresh action over pay. More than 2,000 officers will strike, affecting almost every weekend from June to August, in what the union described as a “major escalation”.

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More than one million people have signed a Ryanair petition demanding that the European Commission protect holidaymakers’ flights during French air traffic control strikes.

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Lufthansa acquisirà il 41% di Ita Airways attraverso un aumento di capitale di 325 milioni di euro, con l’opzione di acquisire le azioni rimanenti in un secondo momento. Il ministero dell’Economia e Lufthansa hanno confermato l’accordo di massima per la cessione di una quota di minoranza di Ita al gruppo tedesco che però ancora deve essere finalizzato.

2.48 MB29 May 2023

Europe's second-top court has today backed Ryanair's challenge against an Italian state aid, approved by the European Union, for airlines hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, siding again with the Irish airline on this issue.

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Ryanair has bounced back to a near-record €1.4bn (£1.2bn) profit last year and expects to better that in 2023, fuelled by a summer boom in which the low-cost airline will carry a record number of passengers.

1.31 MB22 May 2023

Ampie critiche alla politica espansionistica del ceo di Lufthansa Carsten Spohr arrivano dagli azionisti di Francoforte pubblicati dal quotidiano economico tedesco Handelsblatt.com.

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