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Viral Project – Case Studies

Case studies has been realised through qualitative interviews of the main stakeholders involved in the practice observed, and desk-research activity. Each interview has been realized by using a common conceptual framework and classification, in order to allow a comparative analysis of the different case studies.

For each case study, the partners have been asked to pay attention to a specific range of issues, such as:

  • The expected results and the results achieved along the value chain;
  • The negotiation process;
  • The role of the social partners involved;
  • The climate of industrial relations;
  • The role of public actors.

Case studies presentation

Join Professor Fausta Guarriello, the esteemed coordinator of the European project “Viral Project”, as she presents a comprehensive overview of 7 significant case studies. In this video, she presents research findings from 7 European countries on the events that reshaped industrial relations during the aviation blockade and had a major impact on life across Europe.






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