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Last year, environmentalist senators proposed a bill planning flights by private jet if the journey can be made by train in less than two-and-a-half hours - bringing private flights into line with commercial ones in France.

1.49 MB20 April 2023

In this study, SEO Amsterdam Economics (SEO) and Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) calculate the expenditures necessary to achieve net zero aircraft CO2 emissions along the Destination 2050 pathway.

580.55 KB20 April 2023

Aviation poses a difficult challenge to the global effort to decarbonize transportation. Air travel is popular, and emissions from the sector are growing rapidly. But the low-carbon technologies required to decarbonize aviation are immature and expensive.

824.86 KB20 April 2023

Un vertiporto entro i prossimi due anni all’aeroporto di Bologna da dove di prevede decolleranno gli aerotaxi elettrici per il trasporto di persone e di merci diretti ai distretti industriali della regione, ma anche verso i luoghi turistici della costa romagnola in un raggio di 100-120 chilometri.

477.69 KB20 April 2023

Earlier this week, Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport announced it aims to eliminate overnight flights by the end of 2025.

1.7 MB20 April 2023

La ITA, società attualmente a controllo pubblico, è tenuta a consentire a chiunque l’accesso civico agli atti concernenti il reclutamento del personale. In quanto privato esercente un’attività di pubblico interesse, la ITA è tenuta a consentire al pilota ex Alitalia e al sindacato che vi abbia interesse l’accesso documentale agli atti.

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8.07 MB20 April 2023

Ryanair has called for Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan to resign unless he can put an end to persistent closures at Dublin Airport due to interference from drones. The airport suspended all flights for half an hour on Thursday evening for the sixth time in the past six weeks due to drone activity.

1.58 MB7 March 2023

Using advanced big data analytics, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) forecasts that air passenger demand in 2023 will rapidly recover to pre-pandemic levels on most routes by the first quarter and that growth of around 3% on 2019 figures will be achieved by year end.

867.17 KB13 February 2023

The exclusive negotiation between the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef) and the German aviation group Lufthansa, for the privatization of the national air carrier ITA Airways, is now in full swing and will proceed at a rapid pace.

568.76 KB13 February 2023

Important details emerge on the Lufthansa Group's proposed purchase of a stake in the national air carrier ITA Airways

824.19 KB13 February 2023

There are positive news on the employee salary issue of the national air carrier ITA Airways. Less than 48 hours after the meeting between seven trade unions and the airline's management, the favorable opinion of the Lufthansa Group has arrived

565.75 KB13 February 2023

Ferrovie dello Stato si allea con il gruppo Lufthansa e Ita Airways per l’intermodalità aereo-treno. Le tre società hanno siglato due memorandum d’intesa separati (uno tra il colosso europeo dei cieli e Fs, l’altro tra Ita ed Fs) per lavorare a una collaborazione commerciale

1.83 MB6 February 2023

Ryanair today (Tue, 31 Jan) confirmed that its Malta Air subsidiary has signed long-term Collective Labour Agreements with Dansk Metal, the most representative union for both pilots and cabin crew in Denmark, on behalf of its Billund-based pilots and cabin crew

809.64 KB2 February 2023


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